Frequently asked questions


How much do you charge for creative services?

Prices vary depending on the complexity and type of project. I'll always be fair and transparent with costs from the outset to enable you to keep track of everything. The best thing to do is to email me with an outline of what you want and I can give you a no-obligation quote.

Where are you based? 

I'm based in Poole, Dorset. The majority of my work is done remotely, but I'm happy to meet in-person or work in-house on selected days too.

Can you print stuff for me? 

Absolutely! I'm experienced in sourcing competitive print quotes for a wide variety of projects, so I'm able to handle this for you. I do charge a small fee, which will be included on your invoice.

Do you offer training? 

Yes. Whether you're unsure of how to update your own website, send out email newsletters or are a bit tech-phobic in general and want to brush up on your skills, I'd be happy to help you out. I have a post-graduate teaching qualification (PGCLT), I'm fully insured and I have spent much of my career training and mentoring my co-workers, students and clients.